Course Descriptions.

Basic Self-Defense

Our regularly scheduled courses are presented in a modular format starting with a four-hour course that covers all of the basic components – awareness, prevention and physical responses. $65 including take-home tips handout.

Bring a friend and get an immediate $15 discount (pay only $50 each)

Classes are limited to 12 persons, so register now.  Click here for more info.


Advanced Self-Defense

The advanced course, an additional eight hours, offers intermediate level response options for social or professional harassment, valuable additional practice of techniques from the first class, an introduction to Confronting Multiple Assailants (a Modern Warrior® specialty), and the best training of all – a simulated attacker in a padded suit. This exercise has proven to be the most beneficial and effective way to learn how to fight back full-force against violent aggressors. Total cost $120. Register now.  Click here for more details.


Specialty Courses

For those of you who are seeking Specialized training, click here.  We teach defence against just about anything, using a variety of tools.

Lunch and Learn (see Corporate)

A Safe And Sound specialty.  Call us to discuss your specs – date, numbers, length of event – or  call 416-892-3007.
And see what our previous hosts have to say about our presentations.  Click here for more information.


In addition

All students completing the Basic and Advanced Courses receive a course notebook (with safety tips). Graduate Certificates are awarded upon completion of the full 12-hour program.

What do you need to bring?

Dress in comfortable clothing and be ready to perform moderate physical activity. Bring snacks. Bring your questions. Bring a friend.

Due to the nature of the training, statements of physical condition and release are to be signed at the beginning and end of the course.


Photographs by Shu Ito,