Here's what some of our students have said about Safe & Sound training: 

“…I always thought there was no way I’d learn how to defend myself in only a few hours - believe me, you learn. Simple, basic stuff is so unbelievably effective I was astonished. You don’t have to be particularly athletic or strong…just show up and walk away a different person 4 hours later. It’s totally great.”

Karen Goora, Casting Agent

“I am writing to let you know how very much we have appreciated having Safe and Sound...these past three years. The young women we work with have all been victims of sexual abuse or sexual assault….practicing self defense gives them a different experience of themselves…session is by far the most popular of our curriculum…We cannot thank you enough.”

Mary Ann Di Paolo, Program Coordinator,
West End Sexual Abuse Treatment Program

As a result of this session, we all came away feeling more self-confident about our ability to deal with a high-risk situation and ensuring that we remain “safe and sound”!  Thank you again for your highly entertaining and educational session!  

Cheryl Sproul - VP, Human Resources

Danier Leather Inc.

"…having a session in our home was perfect. We all found the session incredibly informative…As a parent of teenage girls, and as a woman, this course truly made me feel empowered…”  Maryrose

“Definitely take it - the instructors are great and incredibly informative!” Marie

“Thank you - I discovered things I did not expect within myself.” Colleen

“Absolutely worth the time and effort - this is essential knowledge for women.” Janet

“Awesome! (The instructors) really know their stuff...excellent at explaining and breaking down techniques.” Gayle

“Do it, don't wait.  It could change your life!” Christine

"I feel taller and tougher!" Lily

“This is an excellent course for women.” Shireen

“It should be mandatory for all people.” Rossi

“The format is relaxed, but respectfully and professionally delivered.” Karen

“This course is really easy to understand.” Michiko

“Definitely take the course - very empowering...(the instructors) do a wonderful job communicating and demonstrating techniques.” Nina

“Highly recommended - it instills a power.” Beatrice

"Terrific workshop, professional, safe; please do more of this - you guys are amazing." Tanya

“Do it - it makes a big difference to your was a really good use of an afternoon.” Jane

“Take this course - knowing what to do makes all the difference.” Ricky

“Thanks for being so approachable and down to earth.”  Yao

“I was nervous at first, but you made it very fun and were very encouraging.” Linda

“Do it - you will learn how much you are capable of doing!” Rosa

“Your positive and supportive attitude is great.  Demonstrating how any one of us can reasonably defend ourselves, and learn to believe it is GREAT.” Jodie

“The course is structured to take all learning styles & physical abilities into account.” Pearl

“Take the course for sure - it makes you believe in your ability.”  Danica

“Its really fun and informative.”  Melissa

“A great course to learn really practical stuff that you could use right away if needed - easy to learn and use.”   Taylor

“It was fun and sensitively presented so I always felt comfortable.”  Nancy

“I feel stronger and more confident.” Carole

“Thank you - I feel very empowered.” Menaka

“It was perfect for me.” Helen

“Techniques are explained clearly and concisely, and plenty of practice time is allowed.” Wanda

“Thank you for a very informative and wonderful experience.” Sam

"Don't THINK (about it), TAKE it!" Crystal

"The course is really easy to understand." Michiko

"My self-esteem and confidence have taken a huge jump!" Laurie

“Sign up now!”  Karen

“Well worth it - it could some day save your life.” Donna

“(Instructors) did a great job. Well versed and knowledgeable in self-defense. Thank you for offering this course. All women should take it.” Suzanne

“Take this course.  Its excellent." Ronnie

"Run, don't walk to the next scheduled class." Mitzi

"It is a must. Every woman should learn these skills." Laura

"Thanks for being so supportive, especially emotionally. Emily

“You made me feel safe about talking about some very difficult issues." Dawn

"Do it - it makes a big difference to your confidence." Brigid

"Sign up NOW!" Lesley

"Really helpful and realistic" Prudence

"A must for every woman - You are packing power!!" Dana

"Willard is very informative, makes it fun...You have empowered me again." Liz

“(Its) crucial to take this class...thank you for the valuable info.” Helen

“Very valuable and a need for every woman.” Tamara

“A must!  No question.” Sandra

“(The instructors) made me feel comfortable.”  Heather

“It gave me a really good image of a ferocious woman.”  Liz

“It was so useful and important to go through the drills and actually realize that I can do the things I'd need to do.” Claire

“I feel far more prepared.” Linda

“This is a wonderful course." Brenda